About Us

About Us

Dedicated to improve your Golf game.


We believe everybody has their own unique swings, and characteristic just like finger prints. We will find the most efficient way to swing and perform in real life. There is always room for improvement.

The ultimate Golf lesson made just for you

Upload your swing as many as you want. Our professional will thoroughly analyze and send you recorded lesson within 24~48 hours.


Convenient & Quick & Easy

Our program is designed to bring you value without hassle.

Amazing perks

Monthly members get special discount on our carefully selected train aid, supply and merchandize.

Highly Certified Professionals

Each one of our Professionals are highly trained, highly certified professionals. They went thru our vigorous tests and proven their performance. They are also very respected coaches in their home town.

How to take Videos

Place camera looking straight down the target. Adjust height around waist area.
It’s ok. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Place camera looking straight at you. Adjust height around waist area. 

We recommend keep the video short and simple. Try to use smaller resolution. It’s ok to use slow-motion features if your camera has the feature.
Click here for how to change the resolution of the smartphone camera.

Our uploading process is easy and hassle free.

Once you sign up for our lesson, you will receive a email how to upload step-by-step.

Just follow the instruction, and that’s it.